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Klein United Methodist Church

Dear Church Family,

During the month of October we will be looking at a “Heart of Giving”.  One of the ways we grow spiritually is by growing in generosity.  In addition to sermons focused on this topic, there will be testimonies by church members related to what Christ has done for them in their lives.  We will all have the opportunity to participate in a daily devotional together during these weeks.  The devotional booklet is called “Practicing Extravagant Generosity, Daily Readings on the Grace of Giving” by Robert Schnase.  These books are available for you to pick up this coming Sunday and your daily devotions will begin the week of Sept. 26.  You may also obtain the book through your Kindle. I would encourage you to participate.  Not only will each of us as individuals grow through a heart of giving, but Klein UMC as a whole will then grow in our heart of giving.  This will be a wonderful thing for our church.  The measure of a vital congregation centered in the love of Christ is certainly evidenced in a church’s generous giving for others!  I believe we are a generous church, and it is my prayer that we continue to grow in that giving heart.